Friday, February 18, 2011

Stay Sharp Workout!

Students try this short workout at home to stay sharp! Cubs and Juniors students ask your parents to do it with you!!!

TaeKwonDo Tiger Cubs
Your New Life skill
5 pushups
Your New Technique Skill  ( 10 times each side)
5 sit ups
Your Stance / Block / Escape skill ( 10 times each side)
5 High Jumps
( Practice entire workout 3 to 5 times)

TaeKwonDo Juniors and Adults
Your Form
20sec. Burpees (fast)
10 each side slow Front Kicks (hold onto wall or counter for balance)

Your Form
20sec. Mountain climbers(fast)
10 each side slow Side kicks

Your Form
20sec. Vertical jumps(perform from back stance)
10 each side slow Round kicks or Hook kicks

(perform entire workout 3- 5 times)

Adult Krav Maga students

Practice breakfall and getting up in a fighting stance and
Sprawl and knee 2 strikes(10 times each side)

Choke from behind defense. (10 times favorite side)
Step#1 tuck your chin, round shoulders, reach back for 2 handed pluck
Step#2 perform 2 handed pluck, diagonal step(both feet move) low strike to groin
Step#3 same side as low strike perform horizontal elbow to chin/throat while turning to face the attacker
Step#4 hammer fist to face, grab attackers arm and shoulder (KEEP YOUR ELBOWS BENT) finish with knee strikes

(Perform 3 - 5 times)

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!
Scott Higginbotham