Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tournament Is Here!

Hello HMA Students and Parents, Great job with picking up on your new curriculum last week! I am looking forward to this upcoming week when we will be working working on rank specific contact skills, board breaking and new kicks required for your rank level. We will also review what we have been working on for the past two weeks. Many of you have requested details on the Columbus tournament held at Columbus High School on March 19th. Below is a breakdown of times for competition by rank. Tournaments are a lot of fun the only issue I foresee is parking that morning due to the Java Jog race. We have registration forms available at the Academy.
Columbus Tournament Times
7:30 am Black Belt Adults (15 & up)
9:00am White - Red Belt Adults (15 & up)
12:00 noon Black Belt Juniors (14 and under)
2:00pm Tiger Cubs, White Yellow Belt Juniors (14 & under)
3:00pm Brown & Red belt Juniors (14 & under)
4:00pm Green and Blue Belt Juniors (14 & under)
Cycle tenet: Perseverance ( I asked all Junior students to ask their parents to tell them a story about how they have used perseverance in their own life)
Theme of the week: Contact skills & Board breaks
Thanks for being the best!
Scott Higginbotham