Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Testing and Buddy Week!

Hello Students and Parents, Here are the Future Events for the HMA academy.
TaeKwonDo Students
Theme of the Week: Testing Practice (Testing is Saturday Registration ends Wednesday)
Cycle Tenet: COURAGE
Check out our website at for Testing times/dates.
Buddy night is August the 25th. Bring in a friend to check out what we do in class. If they get started you get $50.00!! Five friends $250.00!! Ten Friends $500.00!!
Fliers are on the counter: Blue for Juniors (6-12) Yellow for Cubs (4 &5)
Krav Maga Students
Theme of the Week: Inside defense from standing and while on the ground
The August 26th Women's Self Defense clinic has been rescheduled for October. We have a couple of Great Organizations that we will be raising money for during this event! Details coming soon!!
TaeKwonDo Parents Come try Krav Maga FREE for the Month of September!!
Scott Higginbotham