Monday, September 19, 2011

October is Domestic Violence Awareness

Hello Parents and Students,  Please amend your schedule for the upcoming Awards Ceremony. The new date is Friday Oct. 21st at 6pm.
October is Domestic Violence Awareness month so we are putting our tenet Community into action. Saturday Oct. 22nd we will host our first KRAV MAGA A THON!! We will have 3; 1 hr long Krav Maga(Self Defense) classes on Oct. 22nd to raise money for Hope Harbour of Columbus. They do a lot of great work for women that are victims of domestic violence. Check out their website We will be selling tickets to attend the Self defense classes with a maximum of 25 participants per session.The classes will address some very easy to learn tactics for use against common violent confrontations. Please help us in filling up these classes! (yourself, friends, Coworkers, family members (A must for High school / College age girls)  Tickets will be $20 and include a tee shirt upon completion of the course.
 I am looking for sponsors for the event so if your business would like to become a sponsor or if you would like to donate please give me a call or email. Thank you in advance for your help.
 Here is what we are working on this week in class.
TaeKwonDo Students
Themes of the week: Stripe Requirements / Free Sparring and Tournament Sparring
Cycle Tenet: COMMUNITY
Krav Maga Students
Themes of the week: Escaping from the mount with variables
Awesome job in class last week everyone! You guys rock!!