Monday, June 4, 2018

Women 16yrs old and up

Hello Parents and Students, On June 23rd Dr. Kelly Baez and I are hosting our ground breaking program Aware and Prepared ™

 Aware and Prepared ™ is a comprehensive personal protection program that blends psychology with real-world techniques and equips participants to confidently respond to verbal, mental, physical, and sexual harassment and assault.

This information in the Aware and Prepared ™ program is EXACTLY what every young woman going off to college needs to know before taking that journey. Statistics of violence against this demographic are frightening and the Aware and Prepared ™ program addresses them head on.

We believe the Aware and Prepared ™program is a must not only for all girls going off college but for all women.

Please help us spread the word to your friends, neighbors and business associates about the Aware and Prepared ™ program on June 23rd. It will change lives!

Find more information and register @

Scott Higginbotham
706-221-9677 Academy